Frequently Asked Questions about the Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer

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1. How do I determine the proper size Rollo-Mixer?
2. How does the Rollo-Mixer compare to a ribbon or a paddle mixer?
3. How do Scale up my process from pilot test to a production Rollo-Mixer?
4. How full do you fill the Rollo-Mixer?
5. How do I know what binder to use for my liquid addition application?
6. How does the Rollo-Mixer maintain a dust free environment?
7. How do Rollo-Mixer customers receive a return on their investment?
8. How does the Mk 8 Rollo-Mixer compare to a double cone or V blender?
9. What is the best way to setup a Rollo-Mixer in my process?
10. Can I run trials and prove that it works before I buy a Rollo-Mixer?
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