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Continental Rollo-Mixer ®

Continental now has 5 versions of the "Rollo-Mixer"®
...The Rollo-Mixer Mk VI Batch Mixer - The Mk VII Rotary Drum Mixer - The Mk VII-1 Rotary Drum Blender - The Mk VIII Powder Mixer and the NEW Mk IX Batch Coater.

Continental offers the largest selection of batch mixers in the industry, from 3.5 to 1400 cu. ft. capacity. Compare Us To Other Batch Mixers

Liquid Addition

This award winning coating technology applies liquids uniformly onto powders and granules inside the Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer. This unique process exposes entire surface area of dry particulates in free-fall, allowing exact amounts of liquid additives to be sprayed evenly throughout.

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We offer solutions for over 15 business markets worldwide. Explore the many industries using the Rollo-Mixer ® batch mixer to develop and manufacture tomorrow’s finished products.
Dry Blending in the revolutionary Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer®. The dry solids batch mixer was engineered to deliver superior uniformity and complete cleanout for high purity powder manufacturing. Results are spectacular.

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